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In the second of my occasional ‘ask the experts’ series SEO guru George Hopkin will take questions from all-comers about search engine optimisation.

George recently left Johnston Press, where he was SEO Evangelist, to take up a post as Head of Digital Development for Dubai-based Motivate Publishing. He also has a track record of setting up commercially successful sites which exploit SEO.

Feel free to add questions as comments, tweet them to me @LeeHallTweets, or use good old-fashioned email. I keep them anonymous so I can disguise my dumb questions in amongst your good ones.

>> Ask the Experts 1 – David Banks on media law for digital journalists


I’m carrying out what is hopefully an interesting experiment, inspired by The Telegraph via George Hopkin, Johnston Press’ SEO evangelist.

We have a big screen in the newsroom which is meant to display our website in an echo of 1984’s nightmarish propaganda walls.

But we’re now using Twitter aggregation site to filter in tweets where Sunderland or SAFC are mentioned. The results after a few days are pleasing, with several leads coming via the feed.

The screen also gives the newsroom a bit more of a live feel, which is handy when trying to convey the message that there are people out there serving our audience between print deadlines.

Michael Jackson

Here’s a needless error I see all the time when flicking through sites. And, to be honest, I’ve done it myself several times in the middle of a busy day of throwing up content and connecting it with good, old-fashioned hyperlinks…

>> Listen to the Michael Jackson 911 call – click here.

It’s great search engine optimisation, if you want to capture people looking for content about ‘clicking here’. Not so good if you want eyes seeking content about the deceased King of Pop.

>> Michael Jackson 911 call

Ah, that’s better.

Ok, so it was a no-brainer. Who cares?Steven Taylor models Newcastle United's new change strip which has been dubbed 'Toongerine orange'

Newcastle United’s change strip was unveiled and it looked like something an Oompa Loompa would use to wipe his backside. I work for the Sunderland Echo. What could we do other than mercilessly take the proverbial? Continue Reading »

Porn twins Zayna and Noor, aka Kit and Kat

Porn twins Zayna and Noor, aka Kit and Kat

Any local newspaper is only as big as the village/town/city/area it serves, but the sky’s the limit when it comes to attracting an audience online.

In two years at the Sunderland Echo our most popular story by far has been the tale of two Wearside twins who revealed a secret double life of escorting and porn movie stardom to their aghast family. The story will soon pass the 200,000 hits mark and attracts a steady flow of visitors from all across the globe. Continue Reading »