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01072009871It’s on days like today that I’m glad I work online.

A choice error appeared in our print edition (though it was changed on the presses to avoid disaster). A headline about a lucky dog’s stage debut alongside a cute kid shouted: ‘It’s not such a hard-kock life for Lennie’. Oh, dear – we said ‘kock’.

It’s sometimes a curse to know that we can always go back to web content and revise, improve and correct it. There are, after all, few things more cathartic than sending your work to print before starting your next edition ready to do better (and make fewer errors) than last time around…

Had this howler appeared online, we’d have been able  to fix it instantly. Not that I ever make mistakes, of course…

PS. Relief all round that we were spot on with our 120-point page 6 feature headline on a tale about a local chef: ‘Born to Cook’