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Many thanks to David Banks, co-author of McNae’s Essential Law for Journalists, for these answers, and to those of you who sent questions.

Is a commercial website such as a newspaper’s able to use even a few seconds of a song or piece of music without having to pay royalties? A common belief used to be that as long as the clip was under 30 seconds you were ok…
The defence here is fair dealing. It works for printed material, extracts of books, plays,  films etc. So long as your extract does not extract the entire value of the original material  you should be ok. Remember you have to accredit

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David BanksI’m kicking-off a series of Q&As with leading lights in digital media – the interviews will be your chance to pick the large brains of key thinkers and doers.

First up is David Banks, media law expert and co-author of journalism legal bible McNae’s.

I’m looking for real-life examples to throw at him, plus any burning legal questions related to digital journalism. Everything from the legal rights and wrongs of post-moderating user comments to the dangers or otherwise of spent convictions cropping up on related links widgets are fair game.

Please email me with questions or comment on this post.