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Adobe Audition is a space rocket when all I need for day-to-day digital work is a bicycle. In truth I don’t exploit this powerful audio editing tool to anywhere near it’s full potential.

But I was given a great tip for adding radio-style punch to voiceovers from a pro via a work experience chap.

Import any audio into Audition, then under the Amplify Tool click ‘Normalise’, then under Amplify click ‘Dynamic Processes’ and from the drop down select ‘Classic Soft Knee’.

Once applied these effects make a significant difference to podcast and voiceover tracks.

Thanks to Andrew Hilliar for the tip.


Desperate for a clip of a creaking door for your Halloween vid? Need a bangin’ tune to accompany your weekly clubbing slideshow? Is your digital budget a big, fat zero? Here are a few links to royalty-free sound effect and music sites which you may find useful.

Oh, and they aren’t trying to sell your ringtones by the back door…

Sound effects

Music (usually requiring credit, but free)