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The scale of the furore surrounding Johnston Press’ implementation of a new content management system is understandable given the impact on jobs and working practices. Continue Reading »


First for bad news

Reason #362 for my recent blogging hiatus is that I’m working on a spoof news and entertainment digital launch.

I’ll be shouting about the url when there’s some decent copy on there.

The site will be a showcase for journalists and new writing talent and a warm place to hide for readers seeking shelter from the barrage of ‘real’ news out there.

Personally speaking, it will also be a virtual sandpit in which to explore a few commercial, technical and editorial recesses I haven’t yet managed to poke my nose into.

Anyone interested in getting involved should drop me an email.

Back soon

Apologies all. I have been ill with a viral reaction which has left me unable to type for almost two weeks! Will be posting soon.