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There’s nothing wrong with the two-blokes-and-a-mic raw feel of some podcasts, especially if your resources are limited. But in looking for quick wins to spice up our Box 19 Sunderland football show we’ve nicked a simple technique to make our recording as interactive as possible.

As well as using forum and email comments to bring the listeners’ voice into the conversation, for episode 13 of the podcast we tweeted live from the recording using Tweetdeck on iPhone. A PC with a net connection would do the same job if you’re based in the office or have WiFi capabilities.

>> Box 19, episode 13 (First tweet is about 6m30secs in)

We flagged the experiment by setting up a box19 twitter account and  contacted competition entrants and other emailers from around the world to tell them when we’d be recording the show. We even included a handy timezone guide so our pals in North America and Down Under could set their alarm clocks or take a break from watching their version of the X Factor respectively.

As a result we had a handful of fans following the show ‘live’ and throwing in questions for our panelists. Definitely a great way to break up the chat and engage the audience.


My friend Robin Brown has a seriously interesting opportunity for a web-literate journalist/ journo graduate with an interest in cars at Motortorque, the online magazine bit of motoring website Not the kind of thing I’d usually blog about, but I know how tricky it can be to find out about these things at the moment.

Working under editor Robin in Liverpool’s vibrant city centre, you’ll be carving out a career as the next Jeremy Clarkson. He’ll want a grafter, but you’ll be the Associate Editor on a commercially successful site and get a leg up in an exciting sector. Please note, he needs someone to get started in January. Read on for job spec and contact details…

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