Video – when to break the ‘quick and dirty’ mantra

As a resource realist, I could probably be described as an advocate of the ‘quick and dirty’ approach to video. That’s because user-generated footage of a city-centre blaze, police clips of a scuffle with local hooligans, or a simple talking head interview shot by one of our reporters will generally deliver a good return for our effort.

>> Ghost Hunt – North East Aircraft Museum FULL VIDEO

I rarely encourage the production of complex packages which are often seen by just a few hundred users despite eating up a day of a reporter’s time. This trade-off is especially galling when the journalist’s written words or a photo slideshow would have been a more effective means of telling the story.

Sometimes the compelling subject of a video (such as our forthcoming series of first-hand accounts of the Second World War) or its longevity make going that extra mile worth it. We spent a little more time on our Halloween video than the hits we’ll get this year would justify, for instance. But it can now be rolled out every year without dating, along with our other Halloween specials.

We don’t claim the camera-work, voiceover or editing are world class, but the overall effect will hopefully be enjoyed by our visitors and enhance the Sunderland Echo brand online. Plus – yes – I enjoyed pulling the project together in Avid. And maybe that’s the best reason of all to spend time on your video output…


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