Call me ‘sir’ & why I love Photo Story 3

Just a note to say that I am now getting stuck into a part-time role as an academic tutor at the University of Sunderland.

Ran a session with journalism students today on Photo Story 3 in which they created their own slideshow from scratch. They seemed to enjoy having a tangible product at the end. And hopefully they appreciated the context of the lesson which was designed to show how a free, quick and easy tool can turn a two-dimensional story into compelling content that will generate significant traffic for a site.

Slideshows often out-perform videos on And they’re handy when it comes to covering poignant stories which are too sensitive for video intrusion, such as Sharon Dyer’s funeral.

Better still, applications such as Photo Story 3 can be learned in a few minutes and produce professional results in a matter of seconds.

>> Download Photo Story 3 for Windows


  1. Agreed, Photo Story 3 is a pretty simple piece of kit to throw a load of photos in and get a decent piece of multimedia content out, shame it’s WMV only output.

    Interested you say slideshows get better viewing than some videos up there? i find it very frustrating not having a quick photo slideshow tool without going 3rd party, but there’s nothing wrong with this PS3.

    Some subtle, well chosen music helps to focus the emotive aspect of pieces like the one above. Nice work.

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