Royalty-free music and sound effects links

Desperate for a clip of a creaking door for your Halloween vid? Need a bangin’ tune to accompany your weekly clubbing slideshow? Is your digital budget a big, fat zero? Here are a few links to royalty-free sound effect and music sites which you may find useful.

Oh, and they aren’t trying to sell your ringtones by the back door…

Sound effects

Music (usually requiring credit, but free)


  1. I saw your post regarding free audio and thought I would add a few sites with free royalty free music and sound effects.

    On this page there is a collection of free royalty free music loops that are perfect of idents, stings or background music behind a voice-over. Available for personal and commercial use, no strings attached:
    Free Royalty Free Music Loops

    This page has thousands of free sound effects to download and use, organized into easy to search categories:
    Free Sound Effects

    This blog constantly posts new royalty free music and sound effects that are available for use in personal and commercial projects:
    Royalty Free Music Clips

    Download and enjoy.
    Good luck with your projects.

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