I’m carrying out what is hopefully an interesting experiment, inspired by The Telegraph via George Hopkin, Johnston Press’ SEO evangelist.

We have a big screen in the newsroom which is meant to display our website in an echo of 1984’s nightmarish propaganda walls.

But we’re now using Twitter aggregation site www.twitterfall.com to filter in tweets where Sunderland or SAFC are mentioned. The results after a few days are pleasing, with several leads coming via the feed.

The screen also gives the newsroom a bit more of a live feel, which is handy when trying to convey the message that there are people out there serving our audience between print deadlines.


  1. They got bored of seeing our website on our big screen, now we’re left with Sky ‘Breaking News’ News, bleuch.

    Liking the Twitterfall idea, have used it a few times, and like you say it’s the live feel that’s important in these digital times.

  2. Sarah Booker

    We have our screen flipping between our sites, Sky and BBC. I like the Twitterfall idea and will try and get it added to the list.

  3. I’m the lead developer at Twitterfall and it’s great to hear of more news companies looking into Twitter, and we think Twitterfall is a great way of doing this!

    If you have any feedback or suggestions regarding Twitterfall and how you are using it, don’t hesitate to contact us, would love to hear from you 🙂 (email address on the site)

  1. 1 Twitterfall, a tool of the media trade in the 21st century | JOUR2722

    […] be evidenced through its use in the Telegraph newsroom, via screen projection, and how it helped to discover leads for local paper the Sunderland Echo in […]

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