Journalism work experience: What not to say #1

A genuine example, but not from our newspaper, of one journalism student’s comment to an editor…

Asked to accompany a reporter on job they said they would prefer to stay in the office as they don’t like dealing with the public.

“Okay,” agreed the somewhat bemused editor, adding, “you can stay here and make some calls.”

“I’d prefer not to, if that’s ok,” replied the people-shy student.

A wannabe journalist who doesn’t want to speak to, or meet, normal folk. IT conversion course, anyone?


  1. Paul

    We had a workie come in a few weeks agoand his standfirst to a story began: “Wikipedia tells us…”
    We didn’t ask him back…

    • leehall

      Wikipedia is the 21st century equivalent of the ‘According to the Oxford English dictionary…’ intro!

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